Clicky The best Tennessee election coverage that can be found on the Internet

Jack Lail, an editor and journalist with a deep understanding of the web, big vision, and a “let’s do it” innovator’s spirit, set out to publish “the best Tennessee election coverage that can be found on the Internet” — he rounded up a group of journalists and bloggers, set them up on Publish2, and off they went. Here’s the result on


Jack explains it best:

Here’s the best Tennessee election coverage that can be found on the Internet.

A bold statement, but arguably true.

I’m changing up this weekend’s blog roundup to list not what bloggers are posting, but links that bloggers are bookmarking. Think of it as read what they’re reading.

A small group of Tennessee bloggers and journalists are experimenting with a new way of organizing election news in something called the “Publish2 Election News Network.”

It’s a groundbreaking experiment in group collaboration to cover the election and it is happening in Tennessee first.

The bloggers/journalists are using a special Web site to “bookmark” the best coverage they can find on the Tennessee primaries, drawing from any sources, mainstream media sites like newspapers and TV stations and bloggers.

The bookmarks flow into a group list and you can the latest picks here and on other sites like TennViews and KnoxViews (see the left side of both of those sites).

Here’s how participant blogger Joe Powell conceptualized it: ” … we know some people will relay to us some sound and reasoned thought and some people relay less than sound ideas. What’s new is translating that concept into the uses and usage out here on the Wild, Wild Web. It’s more than just adding a human editor to search engine algorithms, it’s also about how we structure and understand the world around us.”

Here are the participants, including Knoxville Blog Network bloggers (some left, some right):

Call it networked journalism — call it networked news. Also call it a robust editorial product (notice the ads on the election headline page).

It’s also distributed journalism — I currently have the election headlines running in the sidebar to the ride. (We’ve got widgets!)

Newspapers and journalism need more people like Jack who are not afraid to take risks, think big, and turn on a dime to make innovative things happen.

Here’s an overview of the Publish2 Election News Network, which I’ll be updating as it evolves.

It’s not too late to emulate what is doing for Tuesday — if you’re interested, email me at scott.karp (at) publish2 (dot) com and I’ll get you set up in snap. It’s free! You can register for Publish2 here.