Publish2 Partners with PR Newswire for Journalists

We’ve partnered with PR Newswire to make Publish2’s link tool available to journalists using the PR Newswire for Journalists service, so that they can easily save and organize news releases. The goal of the partnership is to help journalists work with information on the web and leverage free resources that help them with their reporting. PRNJ serves journalists from 27,000 media organizations — we look forward to introducing them to our community on Publish2. And Publish2 users can take advantage of the PRNJ’s comprehensive news release platform, applying their editorial judgment to finding information that is newsworthy.


We’re also excited about this partnership because it’s one of the avenues we’re exploring in developing our business model — we’re looking at how the combined resources of Publish2 and a partner like PR Newswire could generate new sources of revenue. And we aim for journalists and news orgs to be an integral part of whatever model emerges and to share in any new revenue. Our mission is to help journalism survive and ultimately thrive in a digital media world, and that applies as much to developing new business models to support journalism as it does evolving the practice of journalism on the web.

So stay tuned.