New Support for Social Journalism: Embed Saved Videos in Publish2 Widgets, Blog Posts, and WordPress Widgets and Pages

We’re excited to announce new support for Publish2’s Social Journalism features. You can now embed saved videos in Publish2’s javascript widget and in WordPress posts, widgets, and pages using Daniel Bachhuber’s Publish2 WordPress plugin.  You can also send embedded videos to WordPress and Movable Type posts using Publish2 blog connect feature.

To display saved videos in a Publish2 widget, on the Create Widget page, simply select Videos as an element to display. You can customize the width of the videos to fit the news site, sidebar, or story page where you embed your Publish2 widget.

Publish2 Widget Video

The widget currently supports YouTube videos, but we’ll be adding more services soon.

Adding videos to a WordPress widget or page using the plugin works the same way — just select videos as an element to display and set the width for the emebed:

WordPress Widget

WP Plugin Widget Video

WordPress Page

WP Plugin Page Videos

You can see videos displayed using the WordPress plugin on this blog in the What We’re Reading sidebar and What We’re Reading page:

SJ WP Widget Example

To send saved videos as embeds to a WordPress or Movable Type post, click Manage Links on your links page or a Newsgroup links page, select saved videos (along with tweets, links, and anything else you want to send),  select videos as an element under “Publish to a blog,” and set the width:

Manage Links Blog API Videos

Using Link Assist in the WordPress Plugin, you can embed saved videos simply by clicking the Embed video button:

Link Assist Videos

I embedded the video below — along with the comment and other info saved to Publish2 — with one click using Link Assist:

VIDEO: The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web

rosstmiller on YouTube | August 13, 2009
Ryan Sholin says: In this video, FriendFeed (comically) reveals the secret little orderly process that keeps updates flowing through their network in real-time. A little industrial for my tastes, and proponents of the DRY principle in programming might throw up in their mouths a little bit. (Spotted via ReadWriteWeb.)

The WordPress plugin also supports Vimeo, with more services coming soon.

Here’s a fantastic example of Publish2’s Social Journalism in action on the blog, which rounds up conversation about the DREAM Act on YouTube and Twitter: SJ Example

Curating what your community is saying on YouTube and Twitter has never been easier — what are you waiting for?