Publish2 Wins Gannett Foundation Award For Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism

At the Online Journalism Awards banquet this Saturday, Publish2 had the honor of receiving the first Gannett Foundation Award For Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism:

Publish2’s mission and unique tools encourage the spirit of open information and effectively fosters collaboration between teams of journalists and readers. Its link publishing widgets and easy-to-use in-browser tools are designed to fit cohesively into time-pressed journalists’ work days.

Publish2 is a platform for collaborative journalism, and so it’s only fitting to recognize that this award belongs to the collaborators. First, our AMAZING team. If you know our team, you know just how amazing they are. Publish2 is in every way a product of teamwork and collaboration. Here are Ryan Sholin, Daniel Bachhuber, and me after receiving the award (Greg Linch was also there for the awards, but like a true journalist he kept his steady hand on the live stream of the ceremony that he was piloting):

Gannett Foundation Award Photo

Above all, this award belongs to the journalists and news orgs who have used the Publish2 platform to boldly expand the practice of journalism on the web.

It belongs to journalists like the Northwest News gangElaine Helm, Paul Balcerak, Seth Long, Angela Dice, Brianne Pruitt, and many others — who have used Publish2 to trail blaze new models of collaboration across newsrooms and across media companies. Or like the New York Times tech journalists, who understand that curating the web is most powerful when it is collaborative, social, and highlights the judgment of individual journalists who know their beats. Or like the journalists in all of the newsrooms who helped us map our features and design to their workflows, to make it easy to integrate curating the web into everyday newsroom operations.

These journalists are the real innovators. We at Publish2 salute you.

We also thank the Gannett Foundation for creating this award to highlight technical innovation, which is so essential for journalism to survive and thrive in the digital age.

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