Demotix Partners with Publish2 News Exchange on Independent News Photo Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that Demotix, the award-winning open photo agency for independent journalists, will begin offering content via Publish2 News Exchange when we launch photo support later this summer. Newspapers and other news organizations will not only benefit from the huge efficiency of sharing photos directly through Publish2 News Exchange, but they will now also benefit from the efficiency of Demotix’s open photo sourcing platform and their presence in the U.S. news market.

Demotix pioneered the professionalization of what they call “street journalism” — enabling photographers on the scene of major news events to sell their photos to news organizations. Demotix splits the revenue with photographers 50/50 each time the photo is sold (unlike some major photo agencies that take a much larger cut and only pay photographers once). Photos sourced from Demotix have appeared on the front pages of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, and The Guardian.

Newspapers seeking alternative sources of news photos have already recognized the huge benefits of sharing photos directly, which News Exchange will enable them to do now on a national scale and with much greater efficiency (and no more emailing photos back and forth!). With the addition of Demotix to News Exchange, newspapers will also be able to buy photos a la carte for coverage of major news events around the U.S. and around the world.

Turi Munthe, CEO and Founder, describes Demotix as “the freelancer’s AP”. We love that. Demotix is disrupting the news photo market, opening new options to photo buyers like newspapers. We love disruption that helps all the news orgs on News Exchange evolve evolve their businesses — that’s our mission.

Here’s what Turi had to say about our partnership:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Publish2 News Exchange. The future of news is open, agile and collaborative. Publish2 is at the very cutting edge of that revolution, and we are proud to be joining them. We have a shared vision of democratising news gathering and distribution. Activating our 3,000-odd global contributors across the News Exchange platform brings every corner of the world to News Exchange and gives voice to our community across the US.”

Check out Turi’s piece in the Spring Nieman Reports on creating a new marketplace for news photography.

Here’s more on Demotix:

Launched in January 2009, Demotix now has over 3,200 active reporters in 190 countries around the world, a 250,000-strong picture archive from Kabul to Kentucky, and a monthly growth of over 20,000 editorial images and video.

Demotix has been profiled by Reuters TV (twice), Bloomberg, CBC, Le Monde, The Guardian,, El Pais, The Telegraph and countless other media all over the world.

In the last year, Demotix has won the Guardian Media Award for Independent Journalism, the British Airways Young Business Award, was named a Tech Invest 100 company by PWC, was a finalist for Mashable’s Open Web Award, SXSW 2010’s Community Award, and the Knight Batten Prize (Demotix was the only non-US news outfit nominated).