Content (Re)Packaging: Curation and Syndication in the Age of Unbundled Digital Content

I’m going to be speaking at the American Press Institute seminar on Creating the Digital User Experience, May 12 – May 13, 2011. Here’s my session on “Content (Re)Packaging: Curation and Syndication in the Age of Unbundled Digital Content”:

Digital consumers get their news from a wide range of “content packagers” — social media (Facebook, Twitter), search (Google), portals (Yahoo, AOL), and now a new breed of tablet apps (Flipboard,, Zite). Find out how news publishers can meet consumer demand and support new business model by distributing their content through all of these new channels. Learn how editorial brands can become curators themselves and take back control of content distribution by creating news packages the news consumers want.

Here’s the program overview:

In today’s complex digital media landscape, there is only one way you can stay ahead of your competitors: create a compelling user experience.

API’s Creating the Digital User Experience will connect you to the interrelated world of content and revenue and platforms and applications on the Internet. It’s about understanding what people want and giving them the rich online experiences they crave. It’s about the wave of always-connected consumers, location-aware mobile apps and services, and digital platforms that are making business and news unlike anything we’ve experienced before. And, it’s about driving revenue from it all.

And the other session leaders — awesome group:

### Featured Discussion Leaders
![](** Tyson Evans and David Wright **

Interface Designer, The New York Times and Senior Interactive Designer, NPR

Session: If coders are from Mars and designers from Venus, how can we all get along?

[ ![](](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [](/content/8486.cfm) [** Dorian Benkoil **](/content/8486.cfm)Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Teeming Media

Session: Apps or HTML? How to get on every screen.

[ ![](](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [](/content/8485.cfm) [** Kelley McDonald **](/content/8485.cfm)Director of Information Architecture, NavigationArts

Session: Future proofing your digital strategies

![](** Rebecca Moreno **

Director, Front Page Programming, Yahoo!

Session: Art + Science: The Yahoo! Home Page

[ ![](](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [](/content/6861.cfm) [** Mary Peskin **](/content/6861.cfm)Associate Director, American Press Institute
![](** Limor Schafman **

President, KeystoneTech Group

Session: Mobile strategies, mobile business. Find out how the mobile experience can transport your company to your audiences and consumers.

![](** Ryan Sparrow **

Instructor of Journalism, Ball State University

Session: SND Best of Digital Design: What makes a winner and why

More about the seminar [here](