Solving Big Universal Problems

The best that any company can hope for is to find a big, universal problem that nobody else has solved. It seems we’ve hit upon that problem, based on the reaction to “How to Make It Easy for Newsrooms to Link on the Web“, and a follow up email we sent to our community that framed the larger problem — “How to Solve the Print-Web Workflow Problem.” (Hat tip to Paul Balcerak who first framed it that way.)

The response has been tremendous.

Every newspaper newsroom in the world is struggling with integrating print and digital workflows.  And Publish2 can solve this problem for every newsroom, using their existing systems.

The inefficiency created by disconnected print and web workflows — all that copy and pasting, and emailing, and more copy and pasting — has huge costs. Newsrooms can no longer afford that kind of inefficiency.

The beauty of our solution is that by connecting their existing publishing systems, we can also connect newsrooms to a larger network: sister publications, regional partners, local blogs, and new content partners.  We can also distribute the newsroom’s content to tablet apps and social media. That’s the power of connected publishing.

And this isn’t just about newspapers. Magazine publishers, we’ve discovered, are wrestling with the same problem.

The evolution of publishing from print to digital can’t happen by flicking a switch. It requires a bridge. Every print publisher needs a bridge to digital. That’s the big, universal problem we’re solving for the news industry.